Best Sleeping Position To Lose Belly Fat

Are you looking for a sleeping position to lose belly fat as well as prevent other health risks associated with poor sleep? Then this article gives you some tips which may be a solution for you. Because of our proper body functions, we need rest and sleeping is the best way to relieve your fatigue and relax your body.

A minimum of 7-8 hours of sound sleep daily is essential for our body to manage its daily mechanisms properly.  So we must know the correct rules for sleeping which will save us from many serious illnesses.

Best Sleeping positions To Lose Belly Fat:

A study found that the best sleeping position to lose belly fat is the fetal position. This is because it makes it easier for your stomach to digest food and also helps you feel full.

Many of us know that our food is temporarily stored in our small intestine from where Pancreatic juice or acid is released to digest the food which helps in properly metabolizing our food.  Our small intestine is U-Shaped, so when we sleep on our right side, the acids that come out to digest our food cannot work properly and the acid goes up through our esophagus and goes toward the mouth. 

There are so many sleeping positions that are there, but all are not healthy for overall health. Sleeping on your stomach is a bad sleeping position for weight loss because it causes acid reflux and heartburn and also increases the risk of poor digestion.

Some of the positions that are good and help to reduce belly fat are:

  1. Fetal position is like sleeping on one side, the legs are slightly bent to create a comfortable environment which usually happens during pregnancy. This is a very helpful and relaxing position to sleep in for a pregnant woman.
  2. Sleeping on your back can help you lose belly fat because it helps to keep your digestion system healthy.
  3. Sleeping on the right side can also be effective for weight loss because it reduces the risk of acid reflux and heartburn.
  4. Sleeping on your left side is also an excellent position if you want to lose belly fat because it also reduces the risk of acid reflux and heartburn, but doesn’t put pressure on your digestive system as much as sleeping on your right side does.

So next I will try my level best to describe some of these positions and their benefits…

1. Fetal Position

The best sleeping position for losing belly fat is the fetal position. Usually, The fetal position is a great way to lose belly fat because it forces you to sleep on your side, which makes it easier for your body to burn calories. Many women gain belly fat during the pregnancy period which is very difficult to lose.  But later after having a baby, the sleeping position helps a lot to reduce belly fat.

The sleeping position of women during pregnancy is a very important issue because then it is necessary to choose a suitable position to keep in balance with the position of the fetus.  The fetal position can be an effective way to resolve lower back pain. 

But everything depends on which position you feel more easily and comfortably sleeping, which position gives relaxation to your joint or gives relief from pain.  The main condition actually depends on the movement or position of the fetus.  Also, many women have to face breathing problems at one stage of pregnancy.  Then, keeping the head position slightly higher while sleeping gives comfort.

You can also use a pillow between your legs while sleeping to help relax your body. Not only is it great for pregnancy, but sleeping in the fetal position can also help reduce snoring.

2. On Your Right Side

Sleeping on the left side is considered to be the best position for reducing belly fat as well as digestion and even reducing heartburn.  Because sleeping on the left side increases the efficiency of our stomach, there is no obstacle in the digestive process, so the acid digests the food quickly, which is beneficial for reducing belly fat.  Digestive problems are blamed as one of the reasons why women gain fat for various reasons.  If you want, you can provide extra comfort by using a pillow on the side of the stomach.

3. On Your Left Side

We use 2 sides while sleeping right and left.  But the right pass is not favorable for sleeping.  Because our belly fat is usually related to our regular activity and the complete digestion of what we eat.  When food is not digested properly, it accumulates as belly fat. 

When we sleep on our right side, the acid that comes out from our stomach to help in the digestion of food can go up through our esophagus due to which heartburn and acidity increase.  Also, due to not being able to do the work of digesting food properly, fat can accumulate in the stomach because all the food is not digested properly. 

There are other benefits of sleeping on your left side. If you are used to sleeping in this position then you can get other benefits such as body pain, and neck strain can be reduced, if you have a habit of snoring it can be stopped, in that case, you can use a lap pillow. 

4. On Your Back

This sleeping position is very beneficial for anyone’s health.  Sleeping on your back with the side of the bed has many benefits.  There may be a way to lose your belly fat but it has some other exceptional benefits.  For example, sleeping on your back helps strengthen your spine and stabilize the spine. 

If there is any pain in the spine, it relieves it.  It helps your whole body bear its weight on the spine. It also helps reduce knee pain, joint pain, and back pain, if any.  Did you know that another important benefit of sleeping on your back is skin benefits? 

Keeps the skin fresh, and reduces various skin problems like wrinkles, and age spots.  But if the pain is severe on the way then this position can be painful for them. Users can use pillows to relieve pain and get a more comfortable feeling. Also, this position can be uncomfortable for people who tend to snore.

Some Sleeping Positions That are Helpful to Relieve Physical Illness:

Some scientific benefits are associated with the sleeping position.  Some researchers and physicians know that different types of sleeping patterns can relieve or reduce the severity of various physical problems. If you face some physical issues then there is some sleeping position that can help you out.

1. Low Back Pain:

If you can find a sleeping position that doesn’t make your back pain worse or helps you heal faster, you can be much more pain-free. When you experience back pain, try sleeping on one side, or the fetal position which helps in spinal alignment and pain relief in the back.  Keep in mind that the pillow under the head should be medium size and soft, not too high or too low.

2. Foot Swelling Problem:

Foot swelling problem is a very common physical problem that is mostly seen in pregnant women or elderly people.  Fluid build-up in your legs can be caused by many reasons.  So in such a problem if you follow your sleep pattern properly then your swollen feet will be cured without any help from medicine.  If you lie flat on the bed and keep your legs slightly higher than the normal position with a high pillow under them, swelling of your legs can heal faster.

3. If You Have Neck Pain in The Back:

If you have neck pain, adjusting to sleep at night becomes very difficult.  So if you sleep in any position that reduces your neck pain, you can fix it yourself while sleeping.  But also you can use some techniques like you can use a thin soft pillow while sleeping as long as the height does not make you uncomfortable.

It is better not to use too high or too low a pillow.  Never sleep on one side for long periods of time.  Change the side of your sleep from time to time, then you will get some relief from this problem.

4. If You Have Snoring Problems and Sleep Apnea:

Many people have to face the problem of snoring, but this problem can be controlled automatically if the sleeping position is correct.  If you sleep soundly, the problem of snoring may go away.  The best way is to sleep on the side you feel most comfortable on.  Many people have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night.  Stress, anxiety, and hormonal imbalance are responsible for this problem. 

However, if you lie on your side and try to place a pillow on your stomach or under your pelvis and use a thin pillow under your head, you can get rid of this problem and gradually increase your chances of falling asleep.

5. If You Experience Acid Reflux:

Sleeping on your left side may be more effective than sleeping on your right side to avoid acid reflux problems.  And the head should be kept a little higher than the whole body with a pillow, then it is possible to get rid of acid reflux.

6. If You are Pregnant:

It is a big responsibility to understand which position will give a comfortable feeling during pregnancy.  And in many cases, it can be seen that sleeping in different positions gives better results.  However, it also depends on the individual’s physical condition and symptoms. 

But in pregnancy, it is better to sleep on one side, also for a comfortable feeling you can put a soft pillow between 2 legs or under the stomach.  Also, many people find it helpful to have a high pillow above their head when they have difficulty breathing.

7. Go Back if You Have Sinus Congestion:

If you have sinus problems and often have a cold or stuffy nose, and it is difficult to breathe, then sleeping on one side can provide relief.  Nasal congestion can be painful for sinus sufferers when they sleep on their backs.  You can also sleep with a high pillow under your head to allow air to enter the nose very easily which helps with drainage.

8. If You Have any Old Hip or Knee Back Pain:

After a certain age, many people feel pain in the waist, knees, back, and spine due to which they cannot sleep.  In this case, you should leave the side that hurts and sleep on the opposite side. Sleeping on your back should be avoided.  You can use a soft pillow under your knees to reduce pressure from your spine.

Sleep is closely related to our daily well-being.  Many of us suffer from weight gain problems these days but many of us do not know that sleep can help us reduce our belly fat.  So this article will help you to know more about this topic, I hope you will benefit from it. 

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