Why Italy Bans ChatGpt Technology Temporary?- Latest news 2023

Did you hear about the technology issue that releases on 1 April 2023 in Italy Bans ChatGpt Technology? Then here you can find detailed information on this topic.

The Economic Times Italian authorities have temporarily banned the use of OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology due to alleged breaches of privacy laws. The Italian SA has initiated an inquiry into the matter after a data breach affecting ChatGPT users’ conversations and payment information was reported.

The Italian SA highlighted that personal data was being collected unlawfully, and there was no age verification system in place to protect children from inappropriate responses. OpenAI, which is based in the US but has a representative in the European Economic Area, must notify the Italian SA within 20 days of measures taken to comply with the order or face fines of up to EUR 20 million.

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Why Italy Bans ChatGpt Technology?

Italy is the first European country that banned artificial intelligence AI chatbot chatGPT. The country’s government security agency said Chatgpt has been banned to protect information privacy in the digital world.

Italy’s data protection authority has raised privacy concerns over ChatGpt’s use. In addition to banning ChatGpt, they will immediately start an investigation against ChatGpt, the BBC reported.

Italy’s data protection agency said, they will not stop by blocking the chatbot of OpenAi, the main company of ChatGpt It will also investigate compliance with data mining regulations.

The company says it collects and stores massive amounts of people’s personal data to run its operations and keep its algorithms running which has no legal basis. There is also no way to verify the age of the app users.

This is a serious complaint against ChatGpt, it does not take into account the awareness and development of minors and may disrupt their development by giving many answers.

ChatGpt’s competitor is Google BARD Although Google BARD chatbot can only be used by people over 18 years old.

Italy’s data protection authority said Open Ai has two days to refute all these allegations. If the charges against them are proven, they can be fined up to 2 million or 20 million dollars or up to 4 percent of annual revenue.

Already, analysts have expressed concern about the potential risks of technologies such as artificial intelligence ChatGpt. It is said that this technology is not only a risk to people’s jobs but also that it can spread misinformation and bias.

Meanwhile, at the beginning of this week, important people in the technology sector, including Elon Musk, called for the suspension of such artificial intelligence systems. The reason, they said this battle of artificial intelligence is out of control.

Italy’s Consumer Advocacy Group’s (BEUC) deputy director Ursula Pachal warned that the current is not equally protected from the damage that can be done. There are concerns about how Chatgypt and other chatbots like it can deceive and influence people. Therefore, this system should be further verified.

Note that ChatGpt was launched in November 2012. Millions of people have already used Chatgpt.  Chatgpt can answer questions like a human using data from the Internet (up to 2021 years). This technology can also follow human writing style.

Microsoft has invested billions of dollars in this technology. ChatGpt has been associated with the search engine Bing last February.  Besides, it may soon be integrated with Microsoft’s Office package.

The BBC reported that Ireland was shaken after Italy’s decision. The country’s data protection commission told BBC that the Italian authorities will look into the exact reason for such a decision.

They will also contact the European Union’s data protection authorities regarding this ban.

Italy was not the first country to ban ChatGpt. When Italy Bans ChatGpt Technology there are other countries that also ban chatbots before them. China, Iran, North Korea, and Russia have already banned it.

Besides, BBC asked Open Ai about this matter but they didn’t comment on this matter.

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