10 Profitable Rooftop Business Ideas With Limited Investment

Are you searching for any types of rooftop business ideas which can start with little investment and professional knowledge? Then I have some great and innovative ideas that may help to clear up confusion. Rooftop business is a profitable business that will save you from the cost of renting a place to set up your business, and you can manage and maintain the business from home.

Read this article below and check out these rooftop business ideas. I hope you will benefit from reading it for sure.

How much can you earn from a Rooftop Business?

With the increasing demand for rooftop businesses, many people are wondering if they can make a good amount of money from this type of business. The answer is yes! Rooftop businesses can be very profitable and provide you with a steady income. Depending on the type of business you have, you could earn anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.

About 25 percent of roofing businesses are successful and give you the maximum amount of $50,000 annually which is very impressive. Another researcher says that 40 percent of businesses depend on the type to earn $50k to $100k annually. So obviously it is a business that has a very incredible future and opportunities to earn money.

The key to success in any rooftop business is to understand what your customers need and then create products or services that meet their needs. You also need to be able to market your business in order to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. With the right strategy and dedication, you can make a good living from your rooftop business.

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10 Profitable Rooftop Business Ideas:

There are many rooftop business ideas available that you can start with very little investment. You have to select the business that matches your financial condition and your professional experience. Below are some of the ideas I know you can use for your roofing business.

1.  Cultivating green vegetables

If you have an empty roof, why not make use of it? Using an empty roof, you can grow vegetables without any experience and sell them to the local market and neighbors to earn a good income.  Growing vegetables is one of the low-cost businesses, so you can easily grow fresh, healthy vegetables on your rooftop.

If vegetable farming is a way to earn money.  So you have to create an environment for that.  Some small and big tubs should be made on the roof and filled with soil to make them suitable for vegetable cultivation and there should be adequate water supply and water pipes, kettles, etc.

Soil preparation is the most important task so before preparing the soil for planting vegetables and planting you can prepare the garden soil with cow dung compost, 30%, Kim Coco Peat 50%, Perlite 10%, and garden soil 20%.  Also, the roof should have adequate sunlight and good ventilation.

You can grow seasonal vegetables as they are in demand then. Besides, you can cultivate vegetables that are off-season organically, then your customers will be interested to buy from you. You can grow some mix-up expensive vegetables and common vegetables. Such as mushrooms, lettuce leaves, capsicums, broccoli, lemon grass, and mint leaves, these things are relatively more expensive, but you can supply them in any super shop, some local vegetables like cucumber, potato, tomato, bell pepper, cauliflower, cabbage, papaya.

 You can plant plants like sweet potato, brinjal, onion, bitter gourd, carrot, and various vegetables like spinach, red cabbage, etc. which are easy to grow and harvest. Most vegetables are ready to sell at local markets within 30 to 60 days, so you can sell vegetables at local farmers’ markets or online. You can earn up to $200-$300 per month by delivering fresh vegetables.

2. Small Dairy Project

If you want to start a small dairy project using your vacant roof space, then you need to think about some things first. What is the size of your business, how many people do you need to manage the farm properly, and how is the waste management of the farm?

What kind of milk will be produced from cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep from the farm, how will the arrangement of food grains be, and where will they be stored?

Your next step is to determine the equipment you need.  Running a cow farm requires different types of equipment such as a station to house your cows, a cow’s feed and water container, fencing, buckets for milking, brooms for cleaning, shovels, and milk immediately in hot seasons.  Refrigeration is required for storage.

  You can import food by contracting with wholesalers from where you can buy food grains at very low prices.  This will reduce the cost of feeding your cows.  You can also start a business by making dairy products. Since the price of milk is stable, apart from selling milk separately, you can also make and sell any items made from milk like curd, cheese, buttermilk, evaporated and condensed milk, and custard cans.

If you want to start a milk food business then you need to take care of different equipment.  You can make the roof of your house like a small kitchen and store all kinds of kitchen utensils like hand pans, cooking utensils, refrigerators, mixers, etc. and supply dairy products to the local market or open a page on the internet and sell them. .  A dairy farm can earn around $300-$400 per month which is a very profitable business.

3. Poultry Farming

If you have some free space on the roof of your house, you can start small-scale poultry farming.  You can build a chicken coop in a space of 10 square meters on your roof.  If the cage is made 2 meters high, the chickens can move around in it comfortably.  Some birds like chicken, duck, turkey, geese, quail, etc. you can keep in this cage.  But it is better if you have short training on poultry keeping starting it. 

You can get some chickens from a hatchery or raise chicks from eggs yourself.  But it needs some necessary instruments like – a bird cage, bird cage, separate enclosure for poultry and other birds, an electric brooder, a bird food collection container, a chicken feeder, a chicken feeder, a feed storage bin, and a drinker. , some equipment like grit, dust bath, a first aid kit, etc. is also required.
Medicines used for bird diseases or first aid boxes, etc.

You can earn money by selling your bird’s eggs or meat at the local market, or selling it in neighboring areas.  You can buy bird feed wholesale and contract with a dealer to buy the poultry feed your birds eat at a low price.  Since the demand for meat and eggs is always rising you can earn $200-$300 a month from this business. 

The best part about raising chickens is that you can start with less investment, they are easy to care for, and do not require much experience. You can grow vegetables in your yard with your farm waste and sell them to meet your needs. Besides, you can save the waste and make fertilizer and sell it.

4. Sell Spices and Rare Herbs

Cultivation of different spices and rare herbs on the rooftop is now a very popular way to earn easily at home.  On your roof, you can collect some containers, jars, or big tubs, fill them with soil and grow herbs like Basil, Ginger, Cinnamon, Garlic, Smoked Paprika, Oregano, Mint leaves, Rosemary, Fenugreek, Parsley (Italian), Aloe vera, Thyme, etc. 

Good soil, organic fertilizers, a good drainage system, sunlight and water system, etc. are required to plant these herbs. You can collect seedlings or seeds of good varieties of herbs from a nursery and plant them on your terrace.  These spices and herbs have a very good market, so you will definitely be profitable by cultivating them. 

These herbs can meet the local demand and be exported abroad.  By selling seasonal herbs, you can make a whole year’s income from one season.  You can earn $300-$350 monthly by producing domestic and foreign herbs.

5. Fish Aquarium

Although fish production requires a lot of water and separate facilities, you can do it on a small scale on your roof if you want. Although it sounds very interesting, many people are now earning a good income by farming fish on the roof.  But of course in this case you need to have institutional knowledge about fish farming. 

The first step in starting fish farming is to decide what kind of fish you want to grow. The next step is to get the right type of fish.  You can buy them from a breeder by checking the local fry dealer shops well. To keep fish you need to have a large tank that can hold at least 100-150 gallons of water.  There are also other facilities that are essential for fish farming such as a filter and a filter pump that will keep the water clean at all times. 

Air and oxygen should be added to the water so that the fish get the necessary oxygen to survive, the pH level of the water should be maintained, the necessary lighting system should be maintained, and the temperature of the water should be controlled and kept warm, the water should be changed from time to time, etc. You can keep any stock of food required for your fish from local shops and feed the fish regularly every day.

By doing this, the growth of the fish will be very fast. The fish you can grow on the roof are Tilapia, Catfish, Perch, Carp, Hybrid Striped Bass, Trout, Salmon Fish, etc.  If you want, you can produce fish eggs and supply them to various hatcheries.

6. Open a Domestic Pet Animal Farm

Pet rearing is a profitable business that can be started at a very low cost. Many people like to keep pets at home and this business is gaining popularity these days. To earn money, you first need to choose which pets you want to raise on your farm.

Animals that are in high demand can be added to your farm. Some of the most popular pets include rabbits; ferrets; pigs; Gerbils, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Rats, Parrots, etc.  If you want to keep these animals, you must know about the unique characteristics of each animal, their food, habits, and diseases. Also, you need some basic tools and skills related to birdkeeping. 

If you have different types of animals, you must have separate cages and containers for each animal, different food for different animals, tools for cleaning the birdhouse, etc. Also, you should have a medication list so that any animal can be treated if it is sick.  Every animal is marketable at a certain age.  You can sell them in the local market and earn around $400-$500.

7. Rooftop Restaurants Business

Setting up a rooftop restaurant business or rooftop bar is a great way to earn money from your home. It provides you with the opportunity to turn your space into something profitable and enjoyable. With the right planning and preparation, you can open a rooftop restaurant that will be both successful and satisfying.

It is very important to select a place for the restaurant business, so if you have a house next to the road, the popularity of your restaurant will increase easily as well as customers. To set up a restaurant you need to invest to decorate your restaurant.

Including some furniture, and lighting, making washrooms and kitchens, need to build great interior decoration to attract customers, and most importantly the chef, waiters, and other staff who maintain the whole restaurant and serve people some great food. Make your haven rooftop menu for your client who came to your space for spending some quality time. A restaurant business is a very profitable business where you can generate $1500-$2000 per month.

There are many benefits to setting up a rooftop restaurant business, including increased visibility, access to natural light and fresh air, as well as the potential for unique views of the surrounding area. You can also take advantage of existing infrastructure such as electricity, plumbing, and internet access on your roof. With careful consideration of local regulations and laws governing restaurants in your area, you can create an inviting atmosphere for customers while also maximizing profits from your venture.

8. Rent Your Rooftop For Events

Have you ever thought about setting up your rooftop to rent for event business? It can be a great way to earn extra income from the comfort of your own home. If you want to use your roof for an event, your roof must be in a proper shape and have enough space. 

You can provide some facilities in advance on your roof such as the washroom and water system, current and lighting system, sit for the house, and all the equipment to make the stage. Clothes for pandering bamboo, artificial flowers, AC, sound systems, etc.  You can earn these items separately by renting them.

With the right setup, you can create an attractive and comfortable space for people to host events. You can also explore some of the key considerations when setting up a rooftop space, such as safety, accessibility, and amenities. Finally, we’ll provide some tips on how to market your rental space and attract potential customers.

9. Create a Rooftop Flower Farm

Starting a flower farm on a bare roof is a creative idea that can be a source of extra income besides keeping your mind at ease.  You can collect some native and foreign flower plants from a good nursery which is in good demand among people and you can also earn well by selling flowers for any occasion.

The possibility of flower cultivation is increasing day by day, so you can start flower cultivation with a small investment in your small area.  He needs a water kettle, a spade, some old plastic bottles, a wooden box, a plastic tub, a plastic sack, a jar, a bucket, etc.

There are many types of flowers, which you can consider planting in your garden and slowly cultivate in a wide range.  Select which flower you want to grow. You can plant marigolds, tulips, lilies, orchids, cherries, blossoms, bluebells, marigolds, snowdrop sunflowers, colorful roses, and even lavender. 

You can sell your flowers in shops to various florists, or you can sell flowers yourself on contract to supply various occasions like weddings, birthdays, national days, office programs, meeting seminars, religious functions, etc. It is your own business.  Spreading forward can be a great way to make money.

10. Rearing For Domestic and Foreign Birds

Keeping domestic and foreign birds on rooftops to earn money is not a new concept.  Many unemployed today are trying to become self-reliant by engaging in this profession.  Breeding domestic and foreign species of birds for sale is an easy way to earn money at home. 

There are many types of birds that you can keep like Tia, Cockatoo, Pigeon, Gould Diamond, Golden Pheasant, Quetzal, Red macaw, Taocan, Parakeet, Quail, etc. You can sell these pet birds in the local market.  Many bird lovers and hobbyists these days prefer to keep pet birds themselves, but you can earn $400-$500 per month just by selling birds. 

And the most profitable birds that you can keep on your roof are parakeets, love birds, cockatiels, zebra finches, etc. Breeding these birds is a very difficult task because each bird type is different, and their character, feeding behavior, and living style are different, so if you are interested in starting this bird breeding, you must have training about bird breeding, all species of birds are suitable for living.

  Weather should be arranged, and each species of bird should be made a separate house and fed by buying their different food.  Cleanliness should be considered as well as proper treatment. You can get your bird food items and medication at a local pet store or online.

To keep birds, surround them with a net, then the birds will have enough space to roam inside.  As foreign birds are in high demand these days, you can easily raise birds up to a certain age and sell them at local market prices.

After reading the article, have you been able to decide which business matches your facility?  Then my writing will be worthwhile. The purpose of my writing is how to successfully use the roof of your house and establish your own rooftop business ideas to earn some extra income from home. 

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