Skiff Email Service Now On iOS Devices As A Default Option, Enhancing Privacy for Users

Do you aware of the Skiff Email service now on iOS devices? If you don’t then I will now going to tell you the news. Apple has added the Skiff email service as the default email app on devices running the iOS operating system.  As a result, Apple users can exchange mail using Skiff email instead of Apple Mail. Skiff Email service now on iOS devices how enhancing email privacy? Check out the detail.

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Skiff Email Service Now On iOS Devices

In a major stride towards bolstering secure email services, Skiff, the encrypted email service, has been included as a default email option on all iOS devices. This development holds immense significance for those seeking increased privacy and aims to persuade users to make the switch from mainstream Big Tech apps. With Apple simplifying the transition, more individuals are expected to embrace this secure alternative, empowering themselves with greater control over their online information.

Skiff: Privacy as the Default Option

Skiff, a platform founded by CEO Andrew Milich and CTO Jason Ginsberg in 2020, operates on the principle that privacy should be the norm rather than a luxury. Recognizing that safeguarding privacy online should be accessible to all, Skiff introduced its first product, Pages, in 2021, followed by Skiff Mail and Drive in 2022. Embracing a zero-trust privacy approach, Skiff ensures that no sensitive user data, such as location information, is stored or collected. All data is end-to-end encrypted and openly sourced, instilling confidence among users.

Apple’s Recognition of Skiff’s Value

After two years of operation, Apple has officially acknowledged Skiff as a formidable alternative to established email providers, granting it a place among the default mail apps. This achievement stems from over a year of product enhancements, including improved offline support, enhanced sign-in options, and seamless compatibility with all email links on iOS. While popular services like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook were already default options, the inclusion of Skiff showcases Apple’s commitment to privacy. Notably, other highly regarded encrypted email apps such as Tutanota, SecureMyEmail, and PrivateMail are not yet part of the default options.

Skiff’s CEO, Milich, expressed excitement at Apple’s prioritization of privacy and their collaborative efforts to seamlessly integrate end-to-end encrypted email with iOS. To set Skiff Mail as your default choice, simply download the app from the Apple Store and navigate to Settings > Skiff Mail on your device.

By making Skiff an integral part of its default email options, Apple has taken a significant stride towards prioritizing user privacy. With Skiff’s user-centric approach and dedication to secure communication, more individuals can now embrace a default email option that champions their privacy rights.

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